1:14 & 1:16 20ft. Gefahrstoff Container

89,90 inkl. 16% MwSt

√ Solid construction
√ High level of detail
√ Easy to understand data set
√  Geringe Druckzeit

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3D print data set (for printing at home)
No own 3D printer ?
We offer you our cost effective 3D printing service with our "all from one source" service.
Make your non-binding enquiry today and get your desired model home within a few days.
Call us, or use our practical 3D printing service form.

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√ Solid construction
√ High level of detail
√ Easy to understand data set
√  Geringe Druckzeit

Damit ihr auch im Bereich Arbeitssicherheit auf der richtigen Seite seid, stellen wir euch diesen Gefahrstoff Container bereit.

Rein optisch besticht er durch unverkennbare Wellblechelemente und seiner beidseitig angebrachten Gefahrtafelsteckplätze.
Darüber hinaus lässt sich zum Beladen des Containers mithilfe der 4 anbrachten Schäkel das Dach des Containers abnehmen.

Auch wird wie bei allen anderen Containern, dieser Datensatz sowohl im 1:14 als auch 1:16er Maßstab zur Verfügung gestellt.

This data set is so conveniently designed that it can be produced with a standard 3D printer from the comfort of your own home.
It can therefore be printed with very little effort and using the simplest of techniques and thus not only offers the possibility of unlimited duplication.
The model was accordingly separated into individual components to enable printing on small 3D printers.

Material –
This model can be equipped with simple PLA (polylactides) or better filament can be printed.

Druckraum –
FDM – 20x20x20cm (L-B-H)
SLA / DLP – 12×6,8×15,5cm (L-B-H)
– 1 Druckgruppe (Generator Container)
– 125 STL Druckdateien (Gesamt)
– Informations Dokument


Bestellprozess –
You order your data set via our online shop.
With a click on "shopping cart" you will get to the checkout in the next step.
You can also find the cash register under the tab "Shop".
Payment methods can be made either by bank transfer, or alternatively via PayPal.

You will then receive an e-mail with your receipt in PDF format from us within a few minutes to complete your order.
There you will find your personal and non-transferable download link to the data set.

Download and directly load your 3D printer with your new model.
428mm Lang
175mm Breit
185mm Hoch

455mm Lang
185mm Breit
196mm Hoch

Verfügbare Maßstäbe –
Not all components can be realised by 3D printing.
However, in order to guarantee that the kit is as functional as possible, we provide you with a list in the data set in which you
find the required components:

– Bei diesem Modell entfallen die Zukauf Produkte da dieses lediglich geklebt wird.

If you use the printing service, it is of course also possible to order additional products directly.
Please choose on our non-binding Druckservice (form) simply select the option "Yes" or "No".
Our models were developed and adapted to the basic dimensions of Tamiya towing / pushing vehicles.
Other manufacturers are partly possible on request.
If required, please send us a contact request.


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